Forms & Downloads

Registration Form

To reserve a space in one of our preschool classes, please complete the registration form and return it with your $50 non-refundable registration fee.

Return your form to us via email or you may mail it to us.


Child Enrollment and Health Information

Please bring the completed form to orientation with you. Please be sure to fill in every single blank. If something doesn’t apply, you may fill in with a – (dash) or N/A. This form must be on file before your child’s first day of preschool.

This link is a PDF and may be completed online and printed or printed and handwritten. We cannot accept digital signatures – please print your completed form and sign in ink prior to submitting. 

If you attended our program last school year, we already have this form in your child’s file. You will be asked to review last year’s document and sign/date at orientation. If a lot of your information has changed and you wish to fill out a new form, please follow the link.


Child Medical Statement

Please print and have your doctor complete this form. If possible, please bring it to orientation. This form must be on file within thirty days of your child’s first day of school and updated every thirteen months from the date of their last examination.

We suggest that you call your doctor to make arrangements now. Some doctors require an appointment and others will allow for dropoff of form if you have had an appointment within the last year.

The form is valid for thirteen months from your child’s last doctor’s exam. For example, if your child’s last exam was 2/1/23, we will require a new form to be completed by 3/1/24. We will give you a reminder about sixty days prior to the expiration date so that you may plan to have a new form completed by your doctor.


You will also attach a copy of your child’s immunization record to this form.